David Fincher On "Henry's Film Corner"

Henry Rollins started out having his own little film review show back in december 2004 on Independent Film Channel (IFC), before this turned into his weekly "The Henry Rollins Show". For his first show Rollins made one smart choice ... inviting David Fincher for a little chat.

As far as I know the episodes of "The Henry Rollins Show" are available on DVD, I do not know if the same is true for "Henry's Film Corner". All I know is, I have been looking for Rollins' interview with David Fincher for years and in every cursed corner of the web and came up empty every time. Thankfully Emanuel was luckier than I ... and dug up a link to the interview for you guys.

"Audiences in general don't like to be made uncomfortable."

One of the greatest part of the interview for me is Rollins' diagnosis of Fincher's films having such a perfect flow to them. I couldn't agree more with that and I think that is one thing that marks one of Fincher's supreme talents: To have a perfect sense for timing his scenes and sequences to create such a strong undertow, such an immense pull that you cannot help but keep watching. And what fascinates me about David Fincher's films is that this pull isn't only a narrative, but a collective effort of all arts working in unison -- it's the performances, the lighting, the sounddesign, the smooth cinematography and editing, ... all brought together to create an intense emotional experience.

The excerpt Rollins has chosen from "Panic Room" is a brilliant example for that, and makes me wanna pop in the DVD right away!

I know you will all love this! So thanks to Emanuel for finding and reporting this. And now head over here:

Henry's Film Corner, Episode One, with David Fincher


  1. For some reason the link is to a megaupload site where there are cute women looking for dates.

    Don't anyone fall for it, thats not what those women look like, trust me, I've done enough internet dating to know never trust anyone's on line photo.

  2. Some cool stuff in there, but that show is edited so horribly. You feel everyone of fincher´s sentences being cut at at the end. But he´s absolutely right about the Assasination of Richard Nixon, that is indeed a fantastic movie, reminded me a lot of Taxi Dirver, one of Finch´s favs.

  3. Thanks for the warning, kevin.
    Have you managed to enter the three letters to actually get to the download?

    It's really bad editing, that's true. And Henry Rollins is just a dumb macho who doesn't know what he's talking about. The way Fincher looks at Henry at 5:15 says it all.