Fantastic Rumor About TCCOBB!

When I heard this, I could barely contain myself: There's word out on the editing and trimming of David Fincher's upcoming spectacle "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button". And even when this is "just" buzz, it fits with everything I so highly expect from this movie and director!

David Fincher has completed a first cut of "Benjamin Button" coming in at 2 hours and 40 minutes. The studio objected. The film was entirely too long, they felt, and they wouldn't want to try and sell a film this long to the theaters. The studio demanded the film to be cut down to an agreeable length, so it could be played a certain number of times in one day and make more money. The studio hasn't seen the movie at this point, but they are certain, that there is no way and no how they would keep the movie at this length.

David Fincher manages to convince the studiohead to come watch the first cut at a private screening. And once the movie ended, supposedly, the head of the studio told him, he can do whatever he wants. He absolutely one hundred and ten percent would back any decision Fincher made. He loved the movie. And so rumor is that "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" is 2 hours and 40 minutes in length.

This is the rumor. Consider the rest my personal freaking out about it: I love that! I love the fact that TCCOBB will be this length because usually films that run longer than 2 hours absorb you in a different way and I think that this is exactly what this movie needs. And as a personal fan of TITANIC I am thinking that movie was perfect at 3 hours and 14 minutes and managed to be successful. I am wishing the exact same success to Fincher's endeavor. To me he absolutely deserves the success ... and the praise that comes with it!

Great News!


  1. i really hope this rumor is true.. i'll give david a call this afternoon and confirm...

    ..well.. if i had his # i would :(

    ..btw, just found the site and i'm really glad that there's finally a good david fincher news site. i really appreciate what you're doing and want to thank you and say "keep up the good work."


  2. i'm speechless. if this turn out to be true, 2008 will be one of the best years of all. fincher and nolan in the same year? that never happened before...

    thanks for the news fincherfanatic.

  3. Well ...

    Forrest Gump ... 142 minutes
    The Postman ... 177 minutes
    The Horse Whisperer ... 170 minutes
    The Insider ... 157 minutes
    Ali ... 165 minutes
    Munich ... 164 minutes
    The Good Shepherd ... 167 minutes

    ... that's just Eric Roth!

  4. they'll make a 95 minutes version that will run back to back with "transformers 2" and the last "harry potter". that's what i heard! lol