Award For the Best Movie Ads ...

I know, what you guys are thinking. But this actually isn't a post bragging about how brilliant the teaser trailer for "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" is. Well, ... at least it's not only about that!

In case you are curious what other things David Fincher is up to, apart from finishing his next surefire masterpiece and shooting some stunning ads, how about this:

The Key Art Awards sponsored by the Hollywood Reporter honor great achievements in film advertising. And in my book, that's rightfully so: The trailer for "300" for example is still one of my favorite trailers of all time, with the Nine Inch Nails soundtrack, some cool lines from the movie and pure and furious imagery-overkill!

Filmmakers Kevin Smith and David Fincher now were a part of this year's jury and crowned "No Country For Old Men" for Best Campaign, Best Trailer and Best Graphics.

Other winners included, unsurprisingly, "300", "The Simpsons Movie", "Ratatouille" and "Borat". And I am pretty certain that next year we could have "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" mentioned in article just like this one ...

CBS NEWS: And the Award For Best Movie Ads Goes To ...
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  1. Funny, Fincher in the jury for best movie marketing campaigns... the guy who always despised the marketing campaigns for his films.

    And Kevin Smith? Meh. The guy has no taste, how can he pass judgement on others?