English Teaser For "Benjamin Button"

The first english language teaser trailers are popping up around the web, in a slightly higher than youtube quality, buzzing for David Fincher's upcoming epic "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button".

Granted, whether you see the trailer in english or spanish doesn't make that much of a difference. But it's good to hear Brad Pitt doing the voice-over and to see some more acceptable image quality. Some guy on IMDB also started the rumor that it won't be long until Apple.com will add the trailer -- and then we'll definitely have it in decent quality. I'll keep you updated!

One interesting theory I have heard about Paramount's reluctancy to put out any promotional material for this movie, is that they know they have an absolute masterpiece at their fingertips and want to make sure people get curious about the film, but don't get oversaturrated by it by Christmas. Whether there is any truth to this theory I don't know ... but that part about the masterpiece sounds thrilling, doesn't it?!

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  1. what can i say... i think amazing is not good enough.

  2. does someone know the model of the motorcycle riden by brad pitt?

  3. daam !
    dAAAMM !
    i just want to go to bed and wake up ..christmas day ! .. please father christmas!! ^^

    i just can t wait ..just likre a child : i want my present NOWW!