3G iPhone Commercial Underway?

+++ UPDATED 06/02/2008 +++

Thanks to Emanuel for digging this out: A fellow by the name of David Jr has posted a behind-the-scenes video of the New York shoot. Looks like a really big set!

AppleInsider reports of a series of shoots taking place in Los Angeles and around the Apple Retail Store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Sounds exciting to Apple geeks only? Well, reportedly someone spotted "anonymous content" boxes around the scene, ... and it's rumored that David Fincher is directing!

The commercial should be for the new 3G iPhone that is due to be released this summer, if I'm understanding correctly. Which means:
If Fincher is involved in this it shouldn't be too long before we find out and see the spot surface somewhere!

I'm not a particular Apple freak, but I am sure glad to see Fincher so busy while putting his finishing touches to "Benjamin Button".
I remember that after "Panic Room" there was this grand wave of commercials Fincher has directed: the stunning "Adidas - Mechanical Legs", "Nike Gridiron - Gamebreakers", HP, Xelibri, Lexus, Motorola ... just to name a few. Naturally, I can't wait to see this! Can you?

Thanks to everyone reporting (Ash, Christophe, Emanuel).
Here are some links:

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+++ UPDATED 06/02/2008 +++

Behind The Scene video by David Jr


  1. Apparently the shooting script for the commercial has been leaked... here's a transcript:

    (Spaceship stands in the woods, surrounded by Elliot, his mother, his brother and friends with the iPhone standing there.)

    iPhone turns to Elliot:

    (iPhone proceeds to ship, which flies off, leaving a rainbow)

    Next scene:

    (iPhone is sitting on a horse, and promises to rid the world of Windows Mobile.)

    Citizens of small town: (all together) Viva! Viva!

    (iPhone rides off into the distance)

    Next scene:

    (Ben-Hur and other captives are being led through the desert. Ben-Hur falls over. Rectangular shadow of iPhone looms over him)

    iPhone: (in Steve Jobs' voice, handing him bottle of Evian) Drink up, Judah Ben-Hur."

    (Ben-Hur drinks, then looks up at iPhone.)

    Ben-Hur: You Truly are the King of Kings.

    iPhone: Excellent.


  2. am i the only 1 whos not getting it?

  3. It's satire, machima. With a little bit of Simpsons knowledge (episode A Star is Burns, s6e18) and the hype around the iphone in mind, it makes sense as in joke/pun/jest/rib-tickler/quip/knee-slapper.

    Yours truly

  4. Machinima, maybe you should watch some film classics, not just Transformers or Fight Club.

    The first scene is from E.T. (Extra Terrestrial) by Steven Spielberg, the second from a mexican film I don't recall the name of, and the third is from Ben Hur, which won 11 Oscars (Transformers won 0 Oscars).

    It's a pun at the hype around the iphone.

  5. with advertising these days u never know! :D why not, u know, sounded like they could really pull sum shit like that off. but thanks, nuts, for taking such an educated guess at my favorite flicks!

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