"Benjamin Button" HD Trailer

+++ UPDATED 06/24/2008 +++
Thanks to Mikez I have added another version of the trailer that cinematographer Claudio Miranda has posted on his website. This version is the same cut as the one available on Apple and elsewhere, only it's called "desaturated". So we're guessing, this must be the look he approves of.

Here it is, finally: The decent quicktime HD version of the teaser trailer for David Fincher's "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button". And for everyone, who has only seen youtube and the likes of this, brace yourselves -- this will absolutely blow you away!

Big thanks to everyone, who so feverishly and instantly forwarded this!
No need for more words ... just watch!

Apple.com - The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
Downloadable Versions: 480, 720, 1080 (Right Click)

The "desaturated" version on Claudio Miranda's website


  1. brilliant. thanks!

  2. oh my god, this looks amazing! i've watched the spanish tubevid to death already, but this is a whole new level of shining amazingness. how can i get the 1080p mov on BluRay? just burn? anyone know?

  3. Finally some decent quality!

  4. There's a whole new layer of appreciation to be grasped from the higher quality version of this trailer... I can obsess over it for days now and forget my daily life completely.

  5. how many days til christmas??

    i think i better stay inside and watch this over and over again so i can remember it by heart.


    well... i probably don't make much sense... it's the mind guys... it's wondering... just wondering...

  6. This will stomp "Big Fish" and obliterate every little letter in T-i-m-B-u-r-t-o-n!

  7. @ jordan.

    i don't have experience with blu-ray, only with dvd. but as far as i'm concerned, for it to play on your blu-ray device, you'll have to put the mov file in final cut pro, export it into a .m2v (or blu-ray equivalent) file, then burn it on a blu-ray disc, and only then it'll play properly.

    let me know it that works out. cheers, t.

  8. This looks like it has massive "best film of the year" potential. It'll be yet another testament to Fincher's genius if he delivers the premier cinematic offering for a consecutive year (based on the premise that Zodiac towered above everything else from what was a stellar calendar year of 2007). Considering that Fight Club was the best of 1999 (and a strong case could be made for Seven being of the same ilk), it would be quite a feat for a filmmaker to have three such works under his belt, it wouldn't be entirely unlike the great run Kubrick had at the peak of his career with Strangelove, 2001 and Clockwork Orange over a similar span.

  9. @anonymous

    have you ever thought of the possibility that the attribute "best film of the year" is entirely up to the viewer, and thus subjective? not everyone thinks the same way you do, has the same taste you have.