Levi's - "The Chase"

A while back there was a little confusion about David Fincher's works for Levi's. Now, with a little help from a friend, things are starting to become a little clearer. -- Presenting: David Fincher's "The Chase".

What lead to the original confusion, was that there was a Levi's commercial falsely titled "The Chase" directed by the talented Frank Budgen. That spot's title, however, is actually "News Story".

I can now finally provide you with a link to David Fincher's work:
"The Chase", and you guessed it ... -- once again it's damn good!

Levi's - The Chase

Youtube.com: Levi's - The Chase


  1. Did you know that this is the same back alley they shot a scene from The Game in? Where they escape from the police and fall down in a dumpster in front of a chinese restaurant? Or was that the same back alley from Seven?

  2. i honestly can't remember bret...

    and damn!! what a memory you have.

  3. ops.. sorry... brent. ; )

  4. As group creative director at foote cone and belding, san francisco, the ad agency for Levi Strauss & Company, I hired David to direct a series of Levi's Youthwear commercials, then later hired him to direct a series of commercials for Levi's 501 jeans that never aired. You probably haven't seen them. If you'd like to, email me at tim@timpricecreative.com