Two Thumbs Up For 'Fight Club'

Roger Ebert wasn't too thrilled about "Fight Club". But who cares?
I was -- and I still am! Now somebody has uploaded the "Ebert & Roeper" review of David Fincher's 1999 cult-classic to youtube.
And it's certainly worth watching ... especially because there's a lady, who gets it all right!

Ebert starts out reviewing "Fight Club" as being not bad, and how the film might originally have had some respectable potential. Obviously though, it wasn't alltogether his ballgame:

"The movie is very well made by David Fincher, who also directed "Se7en", but it goes from good, to bad, to worse in it's story [...]. The opening is savage social satire, very promising, I really liked it. But then the movie switches over to stylish brutality and despair. It's kind of a quasi-fashist vomitorium."

Ebert goes on to call the film "stylish macho porn" -- and I love the moment, when his not too shabby looking co-host takes over, saying
"I couldn't disagree with you more".

(A pretty lady with a sense for cinema, how does that sound?!)

Go watch the rest of this yourself, it's quite worth a look!
YouTube - Fight Club Review by Ebert & Roeper

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