American Cancer Society - "Smoking Fetus"

More than a year ago I contacted the American Cancer Society, if they would provide this site with a high-definition copy of David Fincher's early cult-commercial, the public service announcement "Smoking Fetus". The ACS didn't answer ... and I completely forgot posting about this legendary work!

If you have never seen this before, brace yourself: Fincher's anti-smoking ad is a one-shot, incredibly well made, very moody, with a gloomy and spine-chilling feel to it. Of course you can tell it's some twenty plus years old. But as a Fincherfanatic to the bone I can't help but sensing Fincher written all over this. Feels like a mix of "Alien3" with the mock PSAs of "Fight Club"! -- Perfectly disturbing!

Sorry for posting this so late. It should have been the first to go on. As a special surprise, I will post a curious news article related to this spot in a little bit. For now, it's this way to the video. -- Enjoy:

American Cancer Society - "Smoking Fetus"


  1. sure it's old, but damn...

    i can only imagine what it would be like to see this 24 years ago.


    thanks for posting this fincherfanatic.

    much appreciated. keep it up.


  2. agreed. this is one hell of an ad! thanks!

  3. I know what it was like to see this 25 years ago...traumatizing! I still get goosbumps and chills down the spine watching this!

  4. You can count me as another "victim" of this commercial. I remember seeing it during an after school special back then, and being creeped out big time. I would even occasionally have nightmares about it. It's the seemingly alien womb environment, the throbbing pulse sound, and the music abruptly changing to a minor key that did it for me. Because of this, even still pictures of fetuses on like pro-life billboards would get me shuddering. Even today, I still find it creepy, but fascinating.

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