Twice Upon A Time

Kevin has once again made a wonderful discovery: A lengthy interview and article with Harley Jessup on the making of "Twice Upon A Time". Who is Harley Jessup? And what's so special about that find?
The animated "Twice ... " is David Fincher's earliest screen-credit.
And you get to see a pic of the master at only 19 years of age!

There is not an overly big mention of David Fincher, since he was only "the kid", who was operating the motion control camera. However there is a nice story surrounding the production of that seemingly quirky animated film, and the team included quite a few big names, such as George Lucas (producer), sequence director Henry Selick (who later directed "Nightmare Before Christmas"), longtime Fincher-trustee Ren Klyce (who was then working in the Art Department and now does all the sounddesign-work for Fincher films), and of course Harley Jessup, who started his career as an Art Director with this film and whose later filmography sports milestone films such as "James and the Giant Peach", "Toy Story 2", "Monsters, Inc." and "Ratatouille".

The second part of the article is where you will find the great photograph of a triumphantly proud MCC-operator. This is what Harley Jessup has to say:

"David Fincher was only 19 and he operated the motion control camera that we rented at an effects studio in Richmond. Carl was the first to point out that we should listen to this brilliant kid and David wound up being the effects supervisor for the film."

Sounds like the right guy.
Thanks, Kevin, for sending this!

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Photo of David Fincher

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  1. amazes me how true talent is always recognized. nineteen at the time and the guy already calls fincher brilliant! good read. thanks!