Stand Up To Cancer Commercial

+++ UPDATED 05/30/2008 +++

(I have added a link to SU2C's official website. David Fincher and Cean Chaffin, his producer and partner, are listed as friends of the campaign. Also, there is a slightly larger video of the commercial, and I have already written the organization, if there is any chance to obtain a really HQ-version of the clip for us all).

Are you ready to jump up and get excited? If so, now's a fairly good time for that: Out of absolutely nowhere praiseworthy fanatic Kevin has sent this link our way -- a brand new David Fincher commercial for SU2C Organization.

Yupp, I know you didn't see that coming. It's just made the title space at and features an incredible ensemble with Morgan Freeman, Keanu Reeves, Susan Sarandon, Christina Ricci, Tilda Swinton and ... I don't know, I think I spotted Tobey Maguire (and was that Jennifer Love Hewitt at the beginning?)

I like it! It's not fancy, no fx-battle, just some beautiful photography and music ... and a good message at its core.

Thanks so much Kevin! Everyone, this way:
SU2C Organization "Stand Up",
Stand Up To Cancer, Official Site


  1. Great job. He seems to get rid of the notion to show off his visual fx muscles. And I suck down fincher news like a baby sucks on a mother's boob, while having the same content expression on my face (except my that my eyes are open).

  2. I feel like a cop at an accident scene: "Nothing special to see here people, move along!"

  3. The woman in the beginning is Christy Turlington (AKA Mrs. Edward Burns).

  4. what's the song?

  5. The song is "Rise" by Eddie Vedder from the "Into The Wild" sound track.

  6. something by Dave Matthews Band, sounds like it.

  7. The song is "Rise", by Eddie Vedder, from the "Into the wild" soundtrack.

    As for celebrities, let's come up with a list together; I seem to spot Christy Turlington, Susan Sarandon, Michael Bloomberg, Christina Ricci, Tilda Swinton, Morgan Freeman, Keanu Reeves, Casey Affleck, Lance Armstrong, Jodie Foster, Tobey Maguire, Tony Hawk and Sydney Poitier at the end and as the narrator.

    Anybody agree or disagree? Either way, there's stuff missing, like the orchestra conductor type guy...

    Let's put our heads together, y'all!

  8. isn't eddy vedder dead?

  9. the soundtrack is by Eddie Vedder 'Rise' :

  10. The Creds:
    Spot Title: Standing Up
    Air Date: May 28, 2008

    Client: SU2C Organization
    Art Director: Rick McQuiston
    Copywriter: Janet Champ
    EP: Laura Ziskin
    PSA Producer: Bedonna Smith

    Prod Company: Anonymous Content
    Director: David Fincher
    DP(s): Bill Pope and Jeff Cronenweth
    EP: Jeff Baron
    EP/Head of Commercials: Dave Morrison
    Head of Production: Sue Ellen Clair
    Line Producer: Robin Buxton

    Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors
    Editor: Kirk Baxter

    Artist: Eddie Vedder
    Song: Rise

    Sound Design: Mit Out Sound
    Sound Designer: Ren Klyce

    Shoot Location: NY/LA

  11. I think the composer/orchestra guy is Howard Shore. He's known for his scores on Lord of the Rings, The Departed, Panic Room, Se7en and The Game.

  12. The 'composer guy' is extremely famous, inordinately talented violin virtuoso and polio-stricken Itzhak Perlman, together with his student orchestra from Juilliard in NYC. Because he's in a wheelchair and can no longer walk, let alone stand up, it's inspiring to see him encouraging others to 'stand up to cancer.' To stand up for all those who no longer can.

  13. quicktime here: