Chuck Palahniuk's "Choke"

It's a trailer! It's HD! Unfortunately it's not for "Benjamin Button". It's for the new film based on a novel by "Fight Club" scribe Chuck Palahniuk. And you can tell it has the same narrator -- but, alas, not the same director!

I am convinced (first-time?) director Clark Gregg didn't try to go for a supposed sequel to "Fight Club", even though the film is mentioned in the trailer. I also do like Sam Rockwell in the lead and think that humor-wise this is going to come as close to David Fincher's timeless classic than any film can.

The reason I post this on the Fincher blog though, even when it's not related to David Fincher, is because this material being from the same writer (novel) but interpreted by another director you can sort of get an idea of what "Fight Club" may have looked, felt and been like, if it were to have been done by another director. And that goes all the way from the choice of actors, to the cinematography, the choice of music and the overall orchestration and dramaturgy.

Now of course you can't get all that by the trailer. And maybe I am just trying to make excuses why I posted this in the first place? Really I bumped into it and, as a Fincher buff, though: Hey, cool, this is the next project from the "Fight Club" author! So ...

If you want to go check this out, while waiting for Apple or anyone to finally put TCCOBB online, go there. If not, ...

"Ask yourself: What would Jesus NOT do?"

"Choke" trailer at


  1. I've read this is really funny but something about the trailer makes this looks flat. Fight Club is a near perfect masterpiece. I don't think this movie will hold up next to it.

    This seems to me to be Fight Club's cheaper cousin.

  2. I read the book, and I imagined the look and feel of the story very differently... so I'm a bit disappointed, the movie seems a bit dull and flat. Also, it's way overlit, the colors are boring and the music sucks. I'm still gonna see it though, because I want to see how the director interpreted Palahniuk's vision.

  3. I dig the last scene in the trailer though... "Hey! You changed your hair!" - "Yeah, 'cause of what you said about blondes getting skin cancer." - "Good thinking!"
    Cracked me up.