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What's the next best thing, if there's no real Fincher news? People talking about him of course! In this post, let me compile two interviews for you, that are both great -- even when they only have brief mentions of our favorite director.

Charles Burns -- Black Hole

The first one (thanks to Angus for finding it) is an interview with comic book author Charles Burns, who's "Black Hole" is one of the potentially next Fincher projects. I confess I don't know the series nor the author, but I was very inspired to hear that he has devoted ten years of his life creating the "Black Hole" series.

Another interesting angle that Burns takes is that he chooses not to be too involved in the film-adaptations of his works.

"I’m not involved in any of the creative process other than having this book that’s the focus of the story. (...) I guess I made a decision that I didn’t want to pursue trying to keep control. I wanted to move on to other things. That’s pretty much it."

I certainly would have loved to know, what Burns thought of Fincher as a likely director!

Tarsem Singh -- The Fall

Number two then is a video interview with Tarsem Singh I found, talking about his work on "The Fall", about his great cast of Lee Pace and that ingenious little girl, and some Spike Jonze and David Fincher. The interview has some moments from the film, which I still can't wait to see. And what I find truly amazing is the chemistry between Lee and that girl. As I understand she's a first time actress, but her performance is so original, so true -- it's just wonderful.

What Tarsem has to say about Fincher and Jonze I think you might want to find out for yourself. -- Enjoy:

Charles Burns Interview
Tarsem Singh Video-Interview

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