International Trailer For "Zodiac"

Add this to your archives, fanatics: Kevin has done some web-sweeping and found this on editor Angus Wall's -- An international trailer for "Zodiac"!

This trailer is a bit different from the trailer and tv-spots that were run in the US, and the minimum I know is that this international version was used in the UK and in Germany. As Kevin points out, it does a better job in delivering an "approximation of the mood of the film". I agree.

Especially the US TV-spots gave the impression that "Zodiac" was a new "Se7en" -- no wonder many people didn't get what they expected.

Ultimately, I do like the US cinematic trailer just a little better. I don't know if that's because I've watched it a million times and got every frame of it stored in my brain.

But actually, I think it's because there is one thing I seriously dislike about the "international version": the incredibly ugly and incongruous 3D-animated title. I have no idea what hit the marketing guys there: Fincher's entire film creates a period feel par excellence, and that period mostly plays out during the 1970s. To create a trailer with the combined ugliness of every stereotypical Hollywood blockbuster-title seems unfitting to the film and unworthy of Fincher, the well known, infamous, legendary ├╝ber-master of the title sequence.

Sorry. Got a little carried away there. What I meant to say was, the one thing I don't enjoy quite as much are the animated titles!

Hope you do like the trailer. Thanks a lot, Kevin, for sharing this!
International Trailer for "Zodiac"


  1. In all fairness, David Fincher IS a decent director... but this blog just proves that there are people who have no life whatsoever... watching a trailer a million times? Getting in rage over a 3d animation in a trailer not even aired in the US? Man, stop being an obsessive fanboy and get a life.

  2. Complaining about other peoples intrests doesn´t make your live any better. Get yourself a life and stoping reading stuff you consider useless. And bitchin about "not even aired in the US"?! Europe doesn´t count, or what?

    BTW, I prefer this trailer over the US one, mainly because of the effective use of Hurdy-Gurdy Man, but you´re right, the 3D stuff feels a little out of the place.

  3. Thanks anonymous wonderful Observation. You are so insightful, I really feel changed having read what you wrote, thank you. I mean that with the utmost sincerity. Thank you.

    Why do you read this blog if it's a waste of your life. Why not stop reading it. I mean if reading it is a waste of time then commenting on something that is a waste of time would seem to me only to be wasting more time. Am I mistaken??

    Wouldn't ignoring this blog and leaving us time wasters alone be a more productive use of your time?

    Damn even writing this I feel like so much time has been wasted. I just think there is no getting around how right you are, so stop wasting your time and leave the Fincherfans alone.

    Trust me you'll feel some much better about yourself and the time you'll not waste.

  4. This people on this blog kind of remind me of the sort Fight Club was criticising... 'innit ironic?

  5. I choose to read and comment on this blog in my precious and sacred time because I have faith in you, my brothers... I know it's hard, but you can walk the way to growing up and having a meaningful life... you can do it, I know it! Just trust yourself! Take my guidance and stop obsessing about David Fincher, maybe it will even lead to you getting laid at some point in the distant future.

  6. again Anonymous you're soooooooo right. I've often felt like Jack's hardening nipple. I have to do something about this.

    Look I am sorry this site bothers you so much I truly am. I wish there was something I could do to help you but there isn't.

    We really like this place and it's free to all. We enjoy getting together and creaming over the high priest of filmmaking, I know, I know pathetic, but we kinda don't care.

    What's weird to US is you, you seem to hate this place yet here you are again. Seem to me like you maybe a little envious of OUR little club. It's free to all you can join.

    Actually you have a homework assignment, we all do. everyone is going to find a Fincher frame they love and they are going to report back here with the time-code and all the Fincher fans will take a look at that frame and talk about it. We're gonna talk about the lighting, the camera hight, the lens, the staging etc... in each frame reported. We're gonna take it apart; see how it's working and we'll do this till every Fincher fan is satisfied that they've learned something valuable about life in that frame and Anonymous feel welcome to our club.

    I feel so proud of all I you, I'm happy to have found this place. I think we should find a way to hold hands, tell each other how much we love and respect each other's manhood because we're men men are what we are.

    PS I don't think it's Ironic that we remind you of the people fight club criticized. fight club was a product made to be sold. we all bought tickets to it then we bought it so we could take it home too. And if that wasn't enough we bought into it too and I'm sure so did you. So next time you wanna point your finger you can take it and point it up your...............................

  7. Oh my god, I love you guys! No harm meant, I was just fooling around. You just made my day with your humorous answers! Thanks. And yes, I love Fincher's films as well and am fascinated by his filmmaking skills. So I'm a happy reader of this blog, keep it up! Cheers!

  8. Glad you found it funny anonymous

    I think thats what this is about-having a little fun. I mean yeah we're probably all dorks here but hey I know at least I really enjoy this stuff.

    take care

  9. I think we should create a Forum section! Seriously.