The Works and Genius of Joseph Vogt?

Okay, fanatics, alongside posting the "Smoking Fetus" public service announcement of the American Cancer Society, I remembered another very disturbing info I had uncovered, which probably kept me from posting the clip earlier. I have found an archived newspaper article about the director of that clip ... and it's not David Fincher?!

I frankly do not know what to make of this. The article is puzzling:
It claims a SF State graduate by the name of Joseph Vogt directed both a PSA pro seatbelt-use (titled "Impact") and "Smoking Fetus".

The article goes on to describe the ad:

"The controversial anti-smoking announcement featured a fetus smoking a cigarette while a voice warned pregnant mothers not to smoke."

Sounds like the clip often credited to Fincher, right?

I am afraid this post will have an equally unsatisfying ending as "Zodiac". I did quite some research on "Joseph Vogt" and couldn't come up with anything useful. So in how far Vogt and Fincher have to do with one another (e.g. one stealing the other's credits, or being the pseudonym of the other) or whether the legendary ACS ad really is Fincher's work ... I cannot say.

What's more troubling is that Joseph Vogt went on to work on Rick Springfield's "Bop Til You Drop" -- yet another prominent credit on Fincher's filmography.

I'm all out of ideas on this. If anyone has or can come up with any info on this, I am sure we will all appreciate it!

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  1. Let's just pray it's not Fincher's, the commercial just looks so awful and stupid (as seen today).

  2. The effects and all of the smoking featus do look dated! I tend to agree with gould in that it's possible (probabley) not a Fincher.

  3. This is David Fincher's. Heard about it ever since I've been a fan. Looks pretty awesome in my opinion.

  4. considering it was made more than 20 years ago, i still think it's awesome.

    fincher or non-fincher.