Se7en Cinemashup

A turbulent recut of David Fincher's glorious serial-killer flick set to some dizzyingly awkward and uncommon music. Yupp, that's what fellow Fincher fanatic Jeff Yorkes calls a cinemashup!

Since Fincher news seem obliterated from the netwaves in the last
couple of weeks this sure is something fresh and fun to post for
everyone. And besides Jeff's mashup-issue, I'm sure we're all thirsting for a trailer, a teaser or even anything to grab for the upcoming "David Mills" aka Brad Pitt starrer "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button".

The good news is, if the rumor about the trailer-release along with "Indiana Jones" is true, the day of triumph should only be a month around the corner. And rest assured I am always scanning for surprising Fincher news to come from anywhere!

So excuse the little sidetrack. This is what you want to serve your Fincher-starved mind today: A fun and quick-paced editing-job of "Se7en" that is sure to give a new perspective on that film.

And talking about perspective: I think Jeff has done a great job, picking some of the really mesmerizing shots in this film, even though to my personal taste the cuts are just a notch too quick. But maybe it's the beauty and inherit pace of the images that make you just want to see them longer! The photography and cinematography of Fincher's movie is just flawless! -- Oh my, I guess I'll just have to watch it again these days ...

Thanks, Jeff, for sharing this with us. Watch the video, then come back and share your thoughts in the comments section!
Se7en! on
Se7en! on JY's site (higher quality)

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