Fincher + Pitt + Blur = Softbank

Remember January's rumor about a new commercial with Brad Pitt, directed by David Fincher? Good news: 1) Rumor is true
2) Commercial is done 3) it's online for your viewing pleasure!

Apparentely japan's leading telecommunications company Softbank had a little money on their hands and decided to shop for a crazy ad from the master: Brad Pitt takes a walk downtown L.A., while the city is blown to shreds all around him.

Don't wanna spoil and rant too much, since all you guys are waiting for is to watch the damn thing yourselves! And rightfully so! Just so much: Visual Effects company Blur has contributed the awesome vfx for the spot and hosts the video on its website.

And in case you are wondering what that impressively cool song is, that's playing in the back ... it's Fincher trustee Trent Reznor-produced Saul Williams "Banged and Blown Through" from the 2007 album
"The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust". (You can listen to this song and the entire album on his myspace!)

Huge thanks to Christophe for being on the lookout!
I'm excited to hear what you guys think. This is it:

Softbank "Internet Machine" on Blur Studio website
Softbank "Internet Machine" direct download
Softbank "Internet Machine" on


  1. it's nice. but i can't say i get it.

  2. I think it's hilarious. Fincher is a funny, funny fucker.

  3. Reminds me of Madonna/Besson "Love Profusion" music video. Although effects look way better. I think great minds think alike :)

  4. That vid is addicting! lol I downloaded & seen it like 50 times already.

  5. in one single shot. i like it very much.

    what is impressing though, is the fact that is hand-held.

    fincher doesn't use this resource often. i think he did in seven on the stairs where john doe is trying to escape, and in zodiac when paul avery is walking through the scene and around the cab with his partner.

    maybe a little change of pace?