Heads Up: A Different Kind Of Merchandising

For everyone who is hungry and thirsting for news from David Fincher's upcoming "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button", this is your unique chance to get your hands on the most precious merchandise of all time -- if you happen to have enough change!

Thanks to Kevin for discovering this great news, and I bet you won't believe it: For the filming of "Benjamin Button" Fincher and his crew were in desperate need for an authentic victorian-style mansion. They discovered an existing property from the exact right time-period for the story and gave it a total Hollywood make-over.

Now this beautifully restored New Orleans house, in which Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett and David Fincher have spend quite a few days, is for sale ... for only $3,200,000!

Of course if I get to chose I would probably prefer 537 Paper Street, since it's just more of a family home! ;-) But yeah, wouldn't that be the coolest kind of merchandise to have as a Fincher fanatic?

If anyone of you guys decides to buy it, please send us some pictures and have us over when you're moving in! -- Thanks, Kevin. Enjoy:

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  1. i made an offer, but they said they would only sell it to someone who already has a property in the u.s. -- shame on me for not being a billionaire. i thought millionaires would still apply... ; )