"Zodiac" On Four

Now this is a pretty good idea for a list: The guys at Movie City News are going the extra mile to keep an updated list of the top rated films of 2007 with the scores from 220 or so movie critics and counting. And David Fincher's "Zodiac" made an outstanding place as the 4th-best film of the year -- so far.

As you will be able to see not all votes are in yet and naturally there may be changes to the rankings as an effect of that. The list is updated almost every day and it should be interesting to see, which film will end up to be the critic's best for 2007. At the moment it's very clearly "No Country For Old Men".

Again this is not a reliable indication for the Academy Awards. But I found that list to be quite enjoyable and a good indication of what the highlight-films of the past year were. So if anyone hasn't yet seen "There Will Be Blood" or "Juno" or doesn't have anything to do with their weekends -- these are the titles that are worth checking out:


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