Kickstart The New Year

If you close your eyes, go deep inside your mind and think very hard, can you honestly come up with a better way to kick off the new year than with the director's cut DVD for "Zodiac" coming out? Yes you can: Counting down to the release date with a brand new David Fincher interview!

I don't want to say this is the best "Fincherview" I've ever read. That is only because the guy who talks with him gets sidetracked quite a lot. Possibly there may have been a few more questions that we would love to have heard answered from Fincher -- but I guess that is always true. Anyhow: I thought it's great to hear something new and up to date from Fincher. Especially him talking about TORSO and RENDEZVOUS WITH RAMA. And did I just say "hear"?

Yes, that's correct! Quint from Aintitcool has attached a few mp3-excerpts from the interview, so you even get to listen to the master talking while reading along. Quasi a Fincher new year's address! Since the connection was rather slow when I was at the site, let me include the mp3-links for you at the bottom. That way you can download the files beforehand and then read along whenever you come across the respective paragraphs.

I have also found this to be a great start into the new year in so far, as I have never had so many people forward the same link to me: So thanks a million times to Christopher, Iggy, grundy2099, Jada, cricket, Flippy, Werner, omega311 and gould! -- It's good to hear from you guys & thanks for reporting!

Now here's the link:

David Fincher from A(lien3) to Z(odiac)

[mp3] David Fincher Interview, Part I
[mp3] David Fincher Interview, Part II
[mp3] David Fincher Interview, Part III
[mp3] David Fincher Interview, Part IV

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