David Fincher Is Amazing

Of course I have issued statements like this a million times on this blog, and obviously this is the right place to do it, because it's all about appreciating David Fincher's work. But can you believe Fincher? Can you believe a Hollywood director of his standing, who obviously works very hard and has a demanding schedule, will chat for 49 minutes and still be open for more questions?

I just got through listening to these arresting 49 minutes Jeffrey Wells has posted on his Hollywood-Elsewhere and I am simply stunned by Fincher once again: The amount of information he shares, the detail he goes into and his amazing overall politeness -- as if he was just a fellow movie-lover and good friend you hang out with. Incredible guy!

Okay, since it seems I won't be able to calm myself down, let me give you a little run through: The mega-interview covers a lot of ground, spanning from how David Fincher spend his New Year's Eve to working on "Benjamin Button", to when the public will first see Benjamin Button related stuff (which will be around summer 2008, due to the massive vfx work that needs to be done on the main character), to chat about new digital cameras, the ability to shoot at night with an amazing new atmosphere that very much differs from celluloid-night, to working with his actors on "Zodiac", the director's cut, his attention to script, his friendship with Brad Pitt, ... should I go on?

It is truly inspiring just how much ground this interview is covering, and again I cannot say just enough, how much I am thankful to Jeffery Wells for conducting and posting this. This is truly the FincherFanatic's New Year's Address. And probably the best "Fincherview" ever!

I am still enormously thrilled about this, and I hope for the next hour or so you don't have anything else to do. Because you probably won't be able to resist.

Thanks a lot to Angus and Matt for forwarding this to us. -- Enjoy:

The main-article at Hollywood Elsewhere
[mp3] David Fincher interviewed by Jeffrey Wells

And here is a little something as a Bonus:

Also on HE there is a snippet, buzzing with info on "Benjamin Button". The informant was a costume designer, who worked on the movie, and was overly excited that this movie will be one of the highlights of her career -- even though she has previously worked on big productions like "Traffic", "Ocean's Eleven" and "Solaris".

Honestly, every testimonial like this I read, I cannot help but wish it were already November and we would all crowd up to watch the red curtains parting for the premiere of "Benjamin Button". Cannot wait for this film!

Kevin, Iggy and Angus, thanks for finding this:

Benjamin Button Buzz at Hollywood Elsewhere

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