These Are The Nominees ...

The Academy announced their nominees for the 2008 Oscars this morning, and very well against our hopes, David Fincher and his superb drama "Zodiac" did not get nominated in any one category.

I am sure many of us would have loved to see Fincher finally getting his well deserved nomination and Oscar for Best Director or Best Picture (even though the latter is awarded to the producers as far as I know), but well, at least the nominees for these categories seem deserved. There's nothing outlandish, such as "Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End" for Best Picture or something like that.

Cheer up: If "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" can keep its current scheduled release date, it will be coming out in perfect time for next award's season. And it sure seems like this, Fincher's next, will have another very good swing at the Oscars!

On February 24th the 2008 winners will be announced. Until then, check out this year's nominees here:

And to give "Zodiac" fans an extra thrill: James Vanderbilt's screenplay was nominated by the WGA as Best Adapted Screenplay. WGA will announce their winner's on February 9th. Here are the other nominees:


  1. This might seem perverse, but Thank GOD. The last thing I would want to hear are the words "From Academy Award winning Director" Preceding Fincher's name. Oscars are great, but I hope Fincher Wins one Many, many, many years from now. When his place in history is assured by continuing to make brave film that the academy tends to ignore.

    Most academy films are safe, geriatric shit. I'm happy Fincher doesn't fit this category, that's why I love his work, it's totally not safe, in anyway.

    If Fincher was up for a Palm d'Or I'd be all for it. but certainly not an Oscar. Besides that it's absurd to say which movie is "The BEST Of The Year" only time tells that not the fucking academy.

  2. as expected. let oscars 2009 come to us with tccobb.

  3. @ kevin
    couldn't agree with you more!