MTV's Making The Movie: "Zodiac"

Mesmerizer! I just got through watching this two part special of MTV's Making The Movie's somebody has upped on youtube and this is something I really want to share with you guys. Even after repeatedly seeing the film and after tons of interviews and BTS-stuff -- this is great! And honestly: I think this 20 minute MTV special has Fincher talk more about the film than the featurettes on the director's cut DVD!

There are some really cool Fincher moments in this featurette, either through Jake Gyllenhaal or Mark Ruffalo talking about him or original statements by the director. I don't like repeating myself here, but to me Fincher is the ideal director, not only by his choice of theme and stories, his enigmatic camera style and the perfection of his work, but especially by his total dedication to delivering the very best work he and the entire cast and crew are capable of!

I was amazed to learn so many things that were going on in the preprodution stage of this movie, such as that David Fincher insisted on Gyllenhaal playing the lead role or otherwise he wouldn't direct it, and such as not taking Ruffalo's inital "no" for an answer.

So much in there, it's hard to sum it up, and you guys will watch it anyway. But this is a Ruffalo quote about Fincher I really loved:

"He's like, I'm here, I'll sleep in a sleeping-bag if I have to, to make this movie, every moment, be perfect. This is our shot, guys. This is our shot at eternity. This movie is going to outlast all of us."

MTV Making The Movie: "Zodiac", Part One
MTV Making The Movie: "Zodiac", Part Two


  1. thanks for sharing fincherfanatic.

    amazing featurette.


  2. yeah so cool to finally see fincher on camera talking about the film.

  3. Great stuff! Thanks.

    I love the ballpoint pen part... :)