Your Vote For "Zodiac"

Just want to point you guys to something I found crawling the Fincher boards at IMDB yesterday. "Zodiac" is nominated for three awards in the Abandomoviez Awards 2007. And it looks like the winner will be chosen through online votes.

I have never heard of these awards before and don't have an idea if they are important in any way, meaning, if they have any international significance for the film industry. Given that the awardees are chosen through internet votes it's very likely that it's not such a highly valued award. But anyhow: I think it's fun and I will vote for "Zodiac" in all three categories it's nominated in. If you think the same way and have a few spare votes to give, follow this link and help "Zodiac" rake in some deserved awards:

IMDB Post about the Abandomoviez Awards 2007

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