Siskel & Ebert On "Alien3" and "Se7en"

And now for something completely different: With a good and very much appreciated ton of "Zodiac" updates and interviews here lately, I think it's fun to share something else I found with you guys: Some folks uploaded ancient Siskel & Ebert videos, reviewing "Alien3" and "Se7en". How does that sound for a change?

Sure "Alien3" is not at the very top of everyone's Fincher hitlist, especially not on Fincher's own. But I still like it for what it came out to be, especially after knowing all the chaos and desaster that was going on during the making of it. (If you haven't already, read this amazing behind-the-scenes report on the making of "Alien3") Well, and just to tell you this going in: The film gets two thumbs down! But Roger Ebert makes a fun comment along these lines:

This is probably the best looking bad movie I've seen in a while.

While both critics definitely recognize Fincher's visual abilities (remember, he wasn't exactly a household name in 1992), I am a little surprised that they don't honor his much darker approach in theme and story. Pretty much the only thing they dwell on is that they thought the chase scenes towards the end felt drawn out.

And on "Se7en"? -- I'm not telling. See for yourself!

(Of course there is not a whole lotta new info in these. I'm posting them more for fun, because it made me smile when I found them.)

Hope you enjoy:
SISKEL & EBERT review "Alien3"
SISKEL & EBERT review "Se7en"


  1. cool part is on the one for se7en when they start ranting about how good this film is. made me wanna see it right then!

  2. "best looking bad movie" ... LOL

  3. ... The biggest problem with this movie, "WHERE DID THE MYSTERIOUS EGG ONBOARD THE SULACO"?

    1. WHO IS EGG?

      But more seriously, did you miss what happened near the end of Aliens?

  4. Any chance of re-upping the Siskel & Ebert reviews?

  5. The videos weren't upped by my. If any one of you spots them somewhere, do let me know; of course I'll plug the links again.