Gyllenhaal On Fincher

This must come from the "Zodiac" cast's visit to last year's Cannes Film Festival: A video interview with Jake Gyllenhaal, talking about "Donnie Darko", "Zodiac", the evolution of the "Zodiac" screenplay -- and director David Fincher.

The video is not overly long, so it's not exactly jammed with new information. I did find it interesting enough, however, to hear Gyllenhaal talk about the two different drafts he got to read of the film -- before and after Fincher came to it. Further questions include, how Gyllenhaal "discovered" Fincher and which of Fincher's works he likes the most, which qualities he ascribes to Fincher as a director and whether he believes the Zodiac Killer is still alive today.

Here's the link. Enjoy:
[video] Jake Gyllenhaal Interview

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