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+++ UPDATED 01/11/2008 +++

Thanks to Christopher Monfette I've added the full IGN interview!

I love it: The release of "Zodiac" has created such an unusual flood of Fincher interviews, it's getting really hard to track. What's great is that there's so much new info in them. And well: Of course it's always a pleasure reading from David Fincher!

My favorite piece of news is David Fincher talking about RENDEZVOUS WITH RAMA, in such terms as this is definitely still going on and a strong possibility to happen.

This project sounds amazing: From the roots of the story, Fincher's "science fact-ion" take as opposed to most sci-fi flicks, his ambition to not just go with a good script, but wanting to make it great and reinventing the genre -- and the astounding technology he wants to employ. Keep your fingers crossed. Looks and sounds like this actually could happen some time soon!

When talking about the unconventional dramaturgy of "Zodiac" and how to best pitch that to the audience, I was really impressed with this Fincher moment:

"Our Pavlovian response to movies has gotten to its lowest point ever. You look at a lot of movies that are successful and a lot of movies that studios hold up as examples and you go, 'My God, that isn't even a story. It isn't even two acts. It's eight set pieces drawn out with slow motion.'
The difficulty for me was that you had to hope that people were interested in this kind of a story."

There's also talk of a few new possibilities Fincher is considering as his next works, and literally all of them sound fascinating. As the very first commentator on the IGN article puts it: "Fincher is the man. I will see anything he does." I agree.

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  1. Wow! I can't keep up with all those interviews ;) The last few weeks has been a true "harvest-time" for Fincher fans. Thanks to all contributors!


  3. thanks for keeping us updated, and also, thanks for you effort in keeping track of all the information. all of them are well worth the read.

    keep it up!

  4. what is heavy metal - what is it about? what is the story?