New Fincher Commercial

As Variety Magazine reports:

Brad Pitt has just completed a two-day shoot in Hollywood for a commercial to be seen only in the Japanese market.
David Fincher, who directed Brad in "Seven" and the upcoming "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," did the honors for these few minutes of Pitt pitching.
Much secrecy surrounded the shoot, which is probably Brad modeling Edwin Jeans -- he has been the face and tush for that brand overseas for a decade.

Awesome! Pitt and Fincher are at it again. They are a dream-team anyway, I absolutely love Fincher's commercials and ... there should be a good possibility we will be able to find this piece somewhere, once it's finished and out there.

Great news! Here's the source:
Variety Magazine Article

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  1. let's just hope it gets here soon enough.