Movie Geeks' James Vanderbilt Interview

Hey Thiago, where do you find this stuff? :-)

This is awesome! Movie Geeks United hosts a telephone interview with "Zodiac" scribe James Vanderbilt, talking in depth about getting David Fincher aboard this project and the demanding process of developing the screenplay.

I find it amazing that Vanderbilt has been after Graysmith's book since he was 15 years old and was finally able to make this dream project come true -- and with his dream director helming it.

I bet every screenwriter can relate to the feeling Vanderbilt must have had, when Fincher signed on to do the film! This one part in the interview is really hilarious, when Vanderbilt compares sending the screenplay to Fincher to "asking the most beautiful girl to prom". This exactly nails it!

The Vanderbilt part of the show starts at around 33 minutes into it and goes on for a good 25 minutes. Cool stuff! Thanks Thiago.

Movie Geeks United: James Vanderbilt "Zodiac" Interview

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