Interview Madness, Part II

The majority of you is hopefully already drooling over their newly arrived director's cut DVD of "Zodiac", indulging in those extra-features and getting hypnotized by Fincher's audio-commentary. For those who are still waiting for the good mail -- or if you simply need a break from constantly rewatching "Zodiac"--, here's part two of the MTV/VH1 interview with David Fincher.

If you haven't already followed up on this interview, it's really worth a look. David Fincher talks about a lot of new stuff, a bunch of new projects he is in talks to direct and there's a short behind-the-scenes video on Mark Ruffalo's excellent performance of Dave Toschi.

I will keep the entire thrill of this read for your reading experience, so I am not going to go into any details of what Fincher has in his bag of upcoming attractions. Let me tease only this much: There finally seems to be a 3D-animated project, which I personally have been hoping for from Fincher for a long time. And as it once was with "MI:3", "The Black Dahlia", "They Fought Alone", "Seared", again there seem to be quite many possible projects stacking up.

What do you think of all this?

VH1 Interview with David Fincher, Part Two

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