Exclusive Interviews & Documentaries On "Zodiac"

I love to see so much stuff going on with the release of the director's cut DVD: There are tons of interviews out there right now, a lot of features and reviews about the DVD and now Paramount's official site for the film has added three exclusive videos to view and download about the "Zodiac" investigation.

The videos cover the linguistic analysis, the geographical and behavioral profiling that was done on the Zodiac Killer and for everyone interested in the case and being a fan of Fincher's film these are definitely must-sees and must-downloads.

Since there is quite a load of links piling up, where sometimes David Fincher, Zodiac or The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button only get a short mention, let me include a handful of links at the bottom. For those of you, who just can't get enough.

Here's the links. Enjoy:

Paramount's Official "Zodiac" Site

Documentary "Linguistic Analysis" (download)
Documentary "Geographical Profiling" (download)
Documentary "Behavioral Profiling" (download)

Not All Auteurs Are Authors, Variety Magazine
2008 Arts Preview, Globe And Mail
New DVD Releases, New York Post

And here is another article I really don't know how to place: If I understand correctly the article implies that David Fincher had a hand in "Cloverfield", convincing the studio to make a blow-up of the digital footage to 35mm. Not a great big mention, but sounds interesting:

Article On "Cloverfield", Variety Magazine

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