Interview Madness, Part I

With the director's cut hitting the shelves soon, all of a sudden a new interview madness has broken loose. VH1 has just issued the first part of a two part interview. And what can be read so far is, as usual, quite interesting.

The excerpt of the interview that fascinated me the most, was that David Fincher revealed, he was at one point considering to create a TV-series about infamous criminal cases. I cannot quite picture Fincher doing television, but it sure sounds like a worthwhile idea to see Fincher tackle the executive production of running a TV-series. Yeah, I would go with that!

The second part to this interview is due on Monday, and is supposed to discuss "the slew of projects on [Fincher's] plate". From what I gather from the last few interviews it seems that neither TORSO, nor RENDEZVOUS WITH RAMA, nor THE KILLER is actually off the table. It seems yet again there are many possibilities piling up and it will be a matter of incalculable circumstances, which project first gets a green light. I don't really mind, which of these wins the race, since every one has its challenging and intriguing aspects. I am just hoping it won't take several years ...

Rush over to the interview:
VH1 Interview with David Fincher, Part One

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  1. Love the last quote "You shouldn't have to cut around people based on their ability. Movies should be cut for what the story needs, not because of what the actor needs. Everybody serves the story."