New Image From Benjamin Button

For some reason UK film magazine "Total Film" seems to have a special kind of connection to Paramount: They are always the first to post images from David Fincher's upcoming "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" that have never been seen anywhere else. And thankfully ... they did it again!

The first image arrived on the web sometime last fall, thanks to -- if you missed it, let me repost the link for you. Those were the first images ever of the film and they showed actress Taraji P. Henson holding toddler-Brad with the hideous face of an old man, as well as Jason Flemyng as Brad Pitt's dad.

Both images are accompanied by a small article, and from that it seems they have been published in the context of something like "The Most Anticipated Films Of 2008". Which, yes, I believe TCCOBB is definitely among the most highly anticipated films of this year. At least in cinematic circles.

Nothing much more to say other than enjoy the images and keep warming up for a trailer sometime towards the end of summer. And of course: "bloke", which has got to be my favorite british-english word of all! With this in mind: Thanks to Liam, the bloke who pointed us to it!

This way:

First Look At "Benjamin Button", Total Film 2007
New Image From "Benjamin Button", Total Film 2008


  1. thanks for keeping us updated!

    always amazing. keep it up.

    all the best.

  2. firstimage: i dont get why he looks old as a baby? the story of fitzgerald says he is born as an old man and gets younger...

  3. I cant wait for this film!! Hopefully it will come out on time! Check out my MYSPACE!!(UNOFFICIAL DAVID FINCHER FAN SITE)