Merry Christmas!

Dear fellow FincherFanatics, it's Christmas time! And I would like to use this occasion to say: Thank you everyone! For visiting, for contributing, for commenting, for donating and for ever so often returning to this blog! I love writing it, because to me David Fincher is not another talented director -- he is among the most achieved directors of our time, he inspires me, his perfectionism makes me challenge myself more, and his movies ... well, they just dominate!

2008 has Fincher's new movie "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" coming up. With Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett being the perfect media-potent cast and the movie itself certainly being yet another masterpiece all across the board of filmmaking disciplines, we should have a lot to look forward to and a lot to report. My goal for this blog is to find and bring to you the best quality links available, and as many of them as I can. I want our community to grow and reach a significance that will allow us to work closer with the studios and producers to receive news updates and even specialized featurettes and interviews. And my main goal for 2008 is to interview David Fincher personally and be able to make 'The Work And Genius Of David Fincher' THE official site for Fincher fans!

Now comes the ironic part: I had worked out a sort of a Christmas present for you guys, and I had even tested and implemented it in the last few days. And now that I want to put it online, it will not work for some reason -- Argh! Anyway, let me at least tell you what it is: From today very soon on you will be able to not only read my latest outpourings on Fincher related things. You will also be able to listen to them, subscribe to them via iTunes or download them as mp3 files! And that's not only true for the new articles that are coming up, but for each and every item on this blog!

I thought this to be quite an awesome feature, even though there are some design limitations at the moment that I am aiming to improve. But let me know what you think about it (as soon as it's working)!

Have yourself a great Christmas season and Happy New Year!
Best personal regards,



  1. sounds cool. can't wait to check the new feature out.

    merry xmas to everyone, and specially to you FF: thanks a lot for all the effort and work you put into this! "fincherfanatic" is my firefox homepage!!!

    keep it up!
    happy 2008

  2. Merry Christmas!! I wish you guys all the best! This site rules!

    2008 - The Year of David Fincher!

  3. sounds amazing!

    if it's up to us, rest assure fincherfanatic will grow bigger every day. we'll keep visiting, commenting and whenever possible, contributing.

    happy holidays to you all!

    all the best.

  4. happy holidays and a happy new year!

  5. 2008 will rock no doubt. thanks for everything and greetings to everyone!

  6. i thought 2007 was a already quite a year for fincher fans with zodiac comin out and the killer news and quite some updates on rendeztous with rama and the curiouos case of benjamin buttons. but yeah i guess '08 will be better!!! can't wait for the director's cut and certainly can't wait for november! maybe we'll even get a new fincher commercials this year? anybody knows anything about that? what is he up to other than finishing benjamin buttons?
    happy new year guys!