The Utterly Incredible Fight Club Fan Special

Hard to believe, but no, it's not Christmas yet. However for some reason I went on a completely unreasonable Fight Club spree on the web and found a full load of new and inspiring stuff that I want to share with you guys.

Let's start things up with the trailer to something you might have heard before. Yes, there actually is a 'Fight Club' PS2 and XBOX game.
To be very fair, I haven't played it myself and all I have now seen of the game is this trailer. The graphics don't look too brilliant, but then the game is almost four years old now. Also I am not so sure, how much story, theme and message they have put into it or if maybe all this game is about is breaking each others jaws. However good or bad it may be -- I found it cool that there is a game at all. And the trailer for it certainly is a cool thing to watch!

Hey, and now that I come to think of it: Wouldn't it be awesome to have a game for "The Game"?

Next in the mega-package is two short interview clips I found with Pitt and Norton talking about the movie with some scandinavian (?), danish (?), netherlandish (?) guy. When I say "short" in this case unfortunately "short" really does mean "short". The original interview was probably a lot longer and I would love to see and share it with you in its entirety. Anyhow, for now we only have this short glimpse. And wouldn't you agree: It's just good to see Brad Pitt and Ed Norton together on the screen. It's so easy to make a FincherFanatic feel comfy.

And to round things up I'd like to give you a tour of some wonderful fan-made FC music videos on youtube. The quality of the editing varies, but most of these videos I found to be very entertaining, whether it was in the choice of music or the way they were put together: For some reason everytime I see scenes and sequences from 'Fight Club' it makes me realize, just how different, how original and how unearthly cool this film is! My personal favorite by the way is the version featuring the music of Papa Roach's "Last Resort". Which is your favorite?

Do yourself a favour and also check out this video, where the guy re-enacts the Raymond K. Hessel scene -- all by himself. It's highly entertaining!

Enough chit-chat. This should keep you pretty busy:

FIGHT CLUB PS2 Game Trailer

FIGHT CLUB Brad Pitt & Edward Norton Interview (1)
FIGHT CLUB Brad Pitt & Edward Norton Interview (2)

FIGHT CLUB Re-Enactment

FIGHT CLUB fanmade, feat. P.O.D "Boom"
FIGHT CLUB fanmade, feat. Slipknot "Eyeless"
FIGHT CLUB fanmade, feat. NIN "Hurt"
FIGHT CLUB fanmade, feat. Papa Roach "Last Resort"
FIGHT CLUB fanmade, feat. Linkin Park "Breaking the Habit"
FIGHT CLUB fanmade, feat. Blur "Song 2"


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