The Best Movies Of 2007

+++ UPDATED 12/30/2007 +++

With 2007 coming to an end it's quite understandable that many websites, newspapers and magazines turn to reviewing the year.
For us FincherFanatics it's a great joy to see "Zodiac", although like "Fight Club" not being a box-office success, ranking very high in many of these lists. Here are some of them.

I have newly added the CNN review for the Best (and worst) films of 2007, and a feature from the Union Tribune as found on SignOnSanDiego. And of course there is the winner:

Msn Movies may not be at the very top of everyone's list, when it comes to entertainment news. But maybe one should reconsider. Come holiday season Msn has created a list of the Top 10 Films of 2007. And guess who came in 2nd place ...

This Top 10 goes very much hand in hand with the nomination rumors and Best-Of-The-Year lists that have been going around. It seems the same titles keep popping up, such as Brad Bird's flawless "Ratatouille", "Atonement" and french flick "The Diving Bell And The Butterfly". And let me tell you, I am glad to see David Fincher's "Zodiac" honored, landing on #2, sandwiched between Anderson's "There Will Be Blood" on three and "No Country For Old Men" on the pole position.

Here's the links:

CNN Review: The Best (And Worst) Films Of 2007
The Union Tribune Tops And Flops
MSN Top 10 Movies 2007
#2 "Zodiac", commented by Kim Morgan

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