David Fincher In The Oscar Race

Variety.com blogged a note on David Fincher's "Zodiac", subtitled "Directors in the Oscar race". Another good good sign! And maybe my english-language skills fail, but one of the Fincher quotes just didn't feel right ...

The quote I am talking about is, when Fincher explains what "Zodiac" is about. He is quoted as saying: "It's about the need to know and not the need to know." Hm. Well that sure leaves me speechless. I really don't get it. To me it would have made a little more sense if it were "It's about the need to know and the need not to know". But maybe one of you guys knows the original citation and/or can educate me on this!

Another quote of Fincher I really like (and probably understood) comes towards the end of the post, talking about the complex dramatic and narrative structure and the atypical elements of this serial killer film:

"There are other ways of engaging audiences than just upping the explosion-o-meter".

Gotta love the Finch.

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