Fincher's "Zodiac" DC Screened in L.A.

Hollywood Elsewhere reports of a further director's cut screening of David Fincher's "Zodiac" in the Arclight in Los Angeles. But what's really interesting about that post is not necessarily its text ...

First of all, the post is extremely short and doesn't sport a time signature. From the comments section it seems the news was posted towards the end of November 2007. So if we get lucky someone has attended that screening and the post-screening Q&A and has something new and insightful to share.

Other than that the event has already passed. And you might wonder just what's so special about this news-item then. -- Well here it is:

Stumbling over this little post I noticed something very interesting. To the left and right of the comments section there were two "Zodiac - For Your Consideration" banners. And that may just be the first move to set "Zodiac" up for the Oscar nominations!

Sounds good to you?
Then head over to Hollywood Elsewhere, check them out ... and let the rest of us know what you think:

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  1. i sure hope that warners and paramount set up a strong campaign for zodiac.

    the best film of 2007 has to be recognized.