The Chicago Film Critics seem to be the first to spill the beans: They have announced their list of Oscar nominees for next year's Academy Award race. It's a list I partly like, but that has David Fincher's "Zodiac" in a tough head-to-head race ...

In this very list the leading contender for next year's awards is "Michael Clayton", followed by an unsurprising "No Country For Old Men" and P.T.A's "There Will Be Blood". I don't have much to say about these films, since I have not seen them yet. From what I have read and from what I know of the Coen Brothers and Paul Thomas Anderson at least these nominations will be justified -- and might pose some healthy and serious competition to my favorite contender, David Fincher.

For the Chicago Critics at least "Zodiac" is nominated. Twice. David Fincher for "Best Director" (which by god I hope he will nick!) and "Zodiac" for "Best Adapted Screenplay".

I am surprised not to see any actor nominations for "Zodiac", and I sure am surprised not to find the film mention in any further artistic and technical categories, such as cinematography. On the other hand, of course, this is not the official nominations-list and there are a few categories left out, I believe, such as visual effects.

The "Best Director" and "Best Adapted Screenplay" news is definitely something I could live with, though. Now let's hope news will get even better from here ... and keep our finger's crossed!


  1. 2007 was a good year. for me, not yet.

    except for zodiac and ratatouille, i haven't seen any of the so much hyped films so far: there will be blood, juno, michael clayton, into the wild, no country for old men and so forth.

    i hope zodiac will get its nominations as the award season progresses. film, director, screenplay and EDITING for god's sake.

    let's wait and see.

  2. it's not an official list, so god only knows who will be nominated and who will be in for the oscar race. i doubt "there will be blood" will make a nomination this time around. "zodiac" might even be utterly overlooked.

    sure wish fincher would finally get a nod. but i don't think it's happening!

  3. golden globes... and nothing.

    sad times. sad times...