More "Zodiac" Director's Cut DVD Details

My Two Cents posted a few more details on David Fincher's upcoming Director's Cut release of "Zodiac", commentaries, featurettes, documentaries ... -- and all of that sounds very nice!

As you guys know the director's cut will be (only) a few minutes longer than the theatrical release and hit the shelves on January 8th 2007. But on top of these few extra minutes you will find this on the DVDs:

  • Audio commentaries by director David Fincher, Jake Gyllenhall, Robert Downey Jr., producer Brad Fischer, screenwriters James Vanderbilt and James Ellroy

  • 3 The Film featurettes ("Zodiac Deciphered", "The Visual Effects of Zodiac" and "Digital Workflow")

  • 3 Sequence Breakdowns ("Blue Rock Springs", "Lake Berryessa" and "San Francisco")

  • 5 "The Facts" featurettes ("This is the Zodiac Speaking", "Lake Herman Road", "Blue Rock Springs", "Lake Berryessa" and "San Francisco")

  • 4 "Prime Suspect" featurettes ("His Name Was Arthur Leigh Allen", "Linguistic Analysis", "Jeopardy Surface: Geographic Profiling" and "The Psychology of Aggression: Behavioral Profiling")

  • 2 text-based features ("Special Agent Sharon Pagaling-Hagan's Behavioral Profile of the Zodiac" and "Dr. Kim Rossmo's Geographic Profile of the Zodiac")

  • ... and the film's theatrical trailer.

  • Wow! So that sure sounds like the typical Fincher package, crammed with extras and specials that definitely make this worth a buy or two!

    What surprises me is the mentioning of a commentary track by screenwriter James Ellroy, who does not have an official writing (or producing) credit for this film. Since Ellroy and Fincher had probably been collaborating on the film-adaptation of "The Black Dahlia", maybe Ellroy did some uncredited work on "Zodiac" as well? Guess we'll have to wait for the Director's Cut to find out.

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    1. very exciting news indeed.

      and about james ellroy: aren't he and fincher good friends nowadays?

      i think i saw an article about it somewhere, but can't remember where exactly.

      i might be wrong, but who knows? ; )

      keep up the excellent work! congrats!