Cate Blanchett Is Beautiful

How is that for David Fincher news: His "Benjamin Button" actress Cate Blanchett has just signed a contract to be the world-wide ambassador of a skin-care product. Doesn't have a whole lot to do with TCCOBB ... but gosh is she beautiful!

This ultra-short press release has an adorable picture of Cate. And you better enjoy that while you can: From what I gather from "Benjamin Button"'s premise we will see her get very old, very quickly. :-)

And there is some good info in this. For once there is a good overview of all the productions Mrs. Blanchett is involved in right now, from "Elizabeth" and "I'm not there" to the new "Indiana Jones" and of course "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button". And what was new to me is that she is directing a stage-play.

This is especially interesting in so far as Fincher said about his "Panic Room" crew that he likes directing other directors (Jodie Foster, Forest Whitaker and Dwight Yoakam): because they know the director's point of view and won't argue as much.

This way to the article:

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  1. what can i say? she leaves me speechless. always.