Various David Fincher Quotes

I ran into this site I want to share with you guys that has collected various quotes from David Fincher; some of which I believe I haven't read before. And as usual Fincher's remarks are very true and insightful. -- See for yourself!

First of all: I read once, that "if you want to know who a person is, don't look at what they say, instead look at what they do." As for David Fincher, reading quotes of his certainly could imply that he were a man, who totally hates his job, and that he were disillusioned by this world -- or very simply has a great sense of humor.

Now if you look at what he does, you have a man who cranks out one masterfully done film after another, always seeking perfection not only from the people around him, but also from himself. The way he works implies a highly competent and talented man, who works very hard to end up with a perfect replica of the vision in his head ... and that to me is very admirable and inspiring.

Here is one of the quotes that was new to me, but really speaks truth:

Doing cool stuff like designing shots is 1 percent of your life. The other 99 percent is holding everything together while there's total fucking chaos, maximizing the amount of hours that you have in order to get stuff, pulling shit out of your ass to fix things, being able to work on your toes. (...)"

There are certainly directors who will have a much lighter opinion of their profession ... but then again there are hardly directors out there who captivate and inspire me the way David Fincher does.

I believe what excites me about his remarks is that you get a clear sense of his determination and vision. And the message to learn from them is to never give up, never give in and to compromise only in such ways that will not alter or manipulate your vision!

And of course there is also some lighter stuff:

"I do agree you can't just make movies three hours long for no apparent reason. For a romantic comedy to be three hours long, that's longer than most marriages."

That's just the best, isn't it?
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  1. even if we already had contact with his quotes, when you read them again, specially his "film-related" ones, they're always inspiring.