Script Review: "Benjamin Button"

For those of you interested: hosts a script-review of
Eric Roth's screenplay for David Fincher's latest work:

While the review itself is rather fresh, having been posted at the beginning of September 2007, it is based on a fairly early version of the script: a first draft dated November 2002.

Myself, I have not read this review -- not because I am not interested; but because I want to keep a fresh mind on what Roth & Fincher will bring to the screen next fall. Obviously for this matter I cannot share my thoughts about the review then, only this much:

In screenwriting four years (until the beginning of production) and god-only-knows how many intermediate versions can bring huge change to a project. So basically what you may read may have changed radically in the meantime. It might even be a totally different film by now; considering Roth said he didn't stick very closely to Fitzgerald's short-story, instead only using the basic premise to build his own story from scratch.

I think the fun thing I will be doing is check back with this review once I have seen the film next year, and try to figure out what they changed about the story and why they changed it.

For those of you, who don't feel like waiting this long,
it's this way to the article:

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  1. Didn´t read the full review too, just catched a few sentences:

    "Think Forest Gump meets Quantum Leap during a showing of Big Fish."

    "The movie does ultimately feel like a sequel or knockoff of Forrest Gump."

    What the Fuck? I know Fincher himself said he couldn´t believe he
    made a beautiful film, but Forrest Gump???

    If there´s one thing I can´t imagine Fincher doing it´s a sentimental, melodramatic film like Forrest Gump. Don´t get me wrong, it´s a good flick, but the total opposite of the dark, cool, precise, observing Fincher films we´re used to. I´m exited that Fincher once again put´s himself in a complete new direction, but I didn´t thought that our prince of darkness would turn to the light side...