Martha Davis - Don't Tell Me The Time (1987)

Martha Davis is known to be the lead-singer of the Los Angeles' new-wave band THE MOTELS. What most didn't know is that Davis apparently shared an apartment with John Doe ... at least judging by the neon-lights!

It's finally available! I have been after this video on and off for months and now finally it's up. Great!

However: As opposed to my introduction of this post, the 1987 "Don't Tell Me The Time" is not a pre-hash of SE7EN, although there is some tasteful cinematography and lighting going on that clearly identifies the video as a Fincher work. The parts I like best are a long traveling shot from left to right through the apartment, its perfect angle and the lighting of it.

Oh, and of course the video has to feature the most "interesting" guitar-solo shot ... uhm kinda ... if you know what I mean.

Most of you have probably not seen this, so enjoy:

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