The Return of Hobbes

I believe it's a wonderful thing, when people have "too much time" on their hands. It gives them time to reflect their personality and way of life; it opens up new possibilities for culture and art; and very especially it makes people do funny, creative and wonderfully stupid things ... such as explaining why FIGHT CLUB is really the grown-up version of CALVIN & HOBBES!

A word of caution. I seriously doubt, there is anyone on this blog, who has not seen FIGHT CLUB. If however you haven't watched it, do not read this article. MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!

So there it is: Our favorite Don't-Talk-About film of all time is nothing but a children's comic-strip brought to life. And Galvin P. Chow will prove this to you in excessive detail. The nameless narrator is none other than Calvin, Tyler Durden is his imaginary friend Hobbes. And to my big surprise even the Fight Club, it's rules, and Tyler's sex-doll Marla Singer are directly derived from the classic comic book!

Of course with "wonderfully stupid" I mean:
"Stunning", "inspiring" ... -- and very entertaining!

Enjoy the article here:

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