Benjamin Button Wallpaper Competition

UPDATE 10/01/2007 Scroll down to see all ten contestants!

This was the only rule:

Do not use any copyrighted material of any kind, no photos, no pre-existing designs or your wallpaper cannot be posted here.

And this is what the community has come up with. Thanks a lot and good luck to all contestants:

Wallpaper 001, created by FincherFanatic

Wallpaper 002, created by FincherFanatic

Wallpaper 003, created by Tankgrrrl

Wallpaper 004, created by Nephilim

Wallpaper 005, created by tylerD

Wallpaper 006, created by waken87

Wallpaper 007, created by jellyFinch

Wallpaper 008, created by Xavier Andres

Wallpaper 009, created by Xavier Andres

Wallpaper 010, created by ponyandpete


  1. Nice wallpaper. Definately going on to the Desktop. In fact I'll display it proudly at Digital Domain, but due to my involvement with the project I'll bow out of the competition. Can't wait to see some entries though.

  2. wah-wah-woo-wah ... this rocks! unfortunately I suck at photoshop, so nothing coming in from me. but this is awesome, keep it going!

  3. Yeah wish I was good with photoshop, so nothing from me. But cool wallpapers.

    Ps can't wait to see what anonymous does

  4. didn't fincher say he would never have "a david fincher film" at the beginning or end his movies? wouldn't you think that's also true for wallpapers?

  5. =) great! very well done! how to make all the diferent size?

  6. how do I make all the diferent size? can I just send mine design and you can make diferent site for download?

    =) +/\NK grrrl

  7. I guess there are several ways to resize wallpapers. The way I do it is start with a really huge file (mostly 1400 or even 1600 width) and create the layout and all. Then in a next step I readjust the size to whatever smaller size I want to do.

    It's fairly easy with PS. It let's you choose >image size and you just enter whatever width or length you need, then you reframe and crop the rest. Other programs such as GIMP or others should be able to do the same.

    ... but maybe I am not understanding the question correctly?


    Hope I answered what you were asking for?!

  8. If you want you can send your design in whatever resolution or size you have made it and I will do all the resizing ... but if you can figure out how to do it yourselves that, of course, would save me a lot of trouble ...!

  9. amazing work fincherfanatic!! it´s already on my desktop.

    unfortunately i also a mess at designing, so you won't see anything coming from me.

    and jeff_b*tches: i also heard that about fincher, but to my surprise ZODIAC has a very clear "a david fincher film" at the beginning, so maybe he changed his mind... who knows right?

  10. Fincher said he'll never have the title "A Film By" David Fincher. Which is slightly different than "A David Fincher Film"... A Film by almost implies he made the thing by himself. A David Fincher film implies (INHO) it's Fincher's vision you're seeing up on the screen.

  11. thanks for that correction, anonymous! The differentiation makes sense to me: "A XY Film" implies that the film is according to the vision of one special director -- and that would make sense for every single film Fincher has put out; even for more commercially compelling works as PANIC ROOM, it does have his signature.

    So, jeff_b*tches, I hope we're all on the same page ... and I don't have to change the wallpaper! :-)

  12. i like the wallpapers. the white one i like better though. somebody make a black one plz!!!

  13. right on. good work! i DLd that first one and looks awesome on my screen! thx! i'll see what photoshop and a can of beer can do ...

  14. wow, these are some sweet posts! hope they will put out some 'official' artwork soon anyway ... TCCOBB is the must see film of 2008!

    Cheerz, SLAYER

  15. Perfect look for my desktop. Thanks Nephilim, yours especially kicks ass!!!! (When) can we vote on these??!!

  16. I will set up a vote on these wallpapers as soon as all the entries are in and up on the site, probably starting October 1st.

  17. What the *beep*, man!??!!? Jellyfinch, your wallpaper looks like Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles! ROFL

  18. Turtles? What's wrong with you?! It looks awesome!

  19. LOL! Haven't been here in a while. These wallpapers kicks ass! Don't even know which to download!!

  20. Wordly assumptions of what is 'cool'... suck. Most of these are totally random. do as you like ofcourse, graphics looks ok but I
    don't really like any of these I s'pose. Hope official stuff will look much better. ..and won't misspell "blanchett" xD