Loverboy - Notorious (1987)

Na-na-na-na na-na-na no-to-rious -- ... and no other way to put it:
Another flawless music video from David Fincher!
Masterful cinematography, perfect editing ...
oh, and I did I mention a dozen truly hot chicks?!

Canadian rockband LOVERBOY had relied on Fincher's genius once before in that same year, 1987, to crank out the video for their single "Love will rise again". Good thing they did it again: The video, which was first released in August 1987, was nominated for "Best Editing" at the annual MTV VMAs. And it definitely stands the test of time!

Gotta love Mr. Fincher! What a cool video!
Watch it here:

...and in case this video is blocked in your area, try this also:


  1. Regarding Loverboy's "Notorious" video, does anyone know the name of the beautiful woman, walking down a street from about 1:48 to 2:03 into the video, wearing a tannish brown dress, with a black belt and hat?

    I ask because I think that she is truly stunning! Her body, her confident, feminine attitude and the spirit of playfulness that she exhibits demonstrate the grace that only God can give to a beautiful woman!

    Thank you, in advance, to anyone who may know this information and who then posts it.

  2. Does anyone know how to view this video any more? Every link that I go to which may have the video says that Sony Music has blocked it.

  3. Try this one:

  4. Thanks for the rapid response. However, similar result except this time it's in German. Sony has blocked it in the US. Bummer. This video made an imprint on me 20 years ago, I guess because my girlfriend at the time had a similar brown dress. :) I guess I wanted to see it again. Wasn't there a helicopter with a searchlight in this video and a woman trying to hold her skirt down from the downdraft?

  5. The helicopter girl was probably my greatest fantasy when I was a teenager in 1987. I taped the video off MTV and watched it, particularly those closing moments, many times. The helicopter bit relates to the lyric in the song "I was lurking in the shadows, I was out of sight." What actually happens (in rapid Fincher cuts, mind you) is while walking along a darkened street, a stunning brunette glances around to make sure she's alone. When she she's satisfied that she is, she reaches back and pulls up her tight dress to adjust her panties. The helicopter then hits her with the spotlight and blows her hair all over the place. She giggles at getting caught in such private moment, playfully slips her dress back down over her butt and confidently struts away. It was, when I was 15, the single hottest thing I had ever seen.