Coca Cola - "Blade Roller"

I wonder who came up with this concept: Coca Cola pays tribute to Ridley Scott's cyberpunk-milestone "Blade Runner". And guess who directed it ...

Apart from the awkward but promising concept, what I really don't get is this ad's storyline: A group of freaks on roller-blades risks their lives in a daring action sequence to ... lift a drink that's too high in sugar and caffeine? -- I would sure think there are more vital things to steal!

So the ad doesn't make an aweful lot of sense. But who cares: It is super-stylish, a perfect choice of camera angles, a nice dynamic ... and it makes me wish Fincher finally tackled a straight-out action flick!

Forget the story. Watch it for the shots! :-)

One special piece of info I ran into was that Fincher met his partner, Ceán Chaffin, "in the early '90s when she produced a Japanese Coca-Cola ad that he was directing." Sure sounds like this one!


  1. well, well, well...

    when i heard news about TORSO, and fincher saying that he was interested in making the film in the most "cinematic" way possible, one can only wonder what he would do with a project like this.

    he is the most visually arresting director out there. by nature. imagine what he would do setting his mind to "visuals only".

    and an action flick... we can hope, and wait, and dream...

  2. Jim Haygood Editor
    Jordan Cronenweth DOP
    Jeff Rona? Composer