Youtube Fincher Tribute

This is fun: If you have been surfing youtube a lot lately, you might have already stumbled upon this: A 3:39 minute tribute to David Fincher's feature films -- edited to the song "Where is my mind?" from the Pixies!

Whoever did this: Great job! This clip really brings together so many awesome shots from all the Fincher films -- except Alien3. Notable the editing is very tastefully done and really brings a great dynamic to the shots. It makes this compilation worth watching!

Nothing huge.
But fun.
Enjoy it here:


  1. Yeah I noticed that video a couple of weeks ago. Pretty awesome. Reminded me of how much influence his films have had on my life. Going to film school, moving to Los Angeles, working at Digital Domain... all because of Fincher's work.
    Pretty amazing.

  2. You work at DD? Cool.
    That video rocks, allthough I think the song didn´t match 100 % of the imagery.