"Zodiac" hits Malaysia

It seems David Fincher's latest, Zodiac, is still making its rounds and just now coming out in Malaysia. Since almost all the rest of the world can already enjoy the masterpiece on DVD we could all care less ... were it not for a nice little interview with the master himself.

I have to confess I am just now becoming aware of the pains and horrors of press duties: For David Fincher this never-ending journey for ZODIAC must have started all the way back in January. And with the film being released in new territories up until now (check the IMDB release-slate), it must be more than weird to be asked the same things, and giving the same answers over and over.

Since the article is rather short, I will certainly not go overboard with this post. Just so much: The writer of the interview has a few things to offer about Mr. Fincher's personality, his interest and motivation for making movies. Oh, and of course there's this diagnosis of Fincher's "fear of failure". Interesting point.



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  1. rather short, but still very interesting. thanks once again for these presents to us fans.

    keep it up!